The League of Women Voters of Rye, Rye Brook & Port Chester is a nonpartisan political organization that promotes political responsibility through the informed and active participation of citizens in government.

Our Mission:

To encourage the informed and active participation of people in our government, regardless of political affiliation and to increase understanding of policy issues that will impact our lives and our communities.

Co-Presidents Roz Larr and Stephen McCabe 

Roz Larr       Stephen McCabe


Our League is somewhat unique among Leagues in this nation.

Our program is focused on voter education and civic engagement. We do not advocate. In other words, we are passionate about people understanding the issues and the candidates for whom they are being asked to vote. But we do not pick sides. The Board of our organization and indeed our membership consists of Democrats, Republicans, Progressives and Conservatives, Independence Party members and Independents.

We can debate issues vigorously but when it comes to running this League, we check our views at the door and work together to illuminate the issues, to engage our youth and make sure candidates for public office have a fair and even playing field from which to present themselves and their views to the community.

We are convinced that the diverse perspectives and the inclusive nature of our group infuses a sense of relevance and an excitement for our activities. It certainly makes it fun and rewarding.