Spring Elections

Spring elections are for:

  • School districts, local, county, and state nonpartisan offices.
  • In Portage County, County Executive and County Board Supervisors
  • For the city of Stevens Point, elections for mayor, clerk, treasurer, city attorney, municipal judge, and alderpersons.
  • In presidential election years, Presidential Preference Elections are also held at this time.

When spring elections are held:

  • The primary election before the spring election is held the third Tuesday in February.
  • The spring election is held the first Tuesday in April.
  • Elections for alderpersons from odd-numbered wards are held in odd-numbered years, while elections for alderpersons from even-numbered districts are held in even-numbered years.

Fall Elections

Fall elections are for:

  • Partisan elections are held in the fall.
  • The primary election decides which candidate will represent each political party in the general election.
  • At a partisan primary election, the voter must restrict their voting to candidates from only one political party or from the list of independent candidates. Crossover voting is not allowed.
  • Each polling place has instructions on how to vote in a partisan primary, and election officials at each polling place can answer questions.

When fall elections are held:

  • The primary election before the fall election is the second Tuesday in September.
  • The general fall election is the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.